The Sky Is No Longer The Limit For Bloggers



If you’re a blogger and you think the sky is the limit—you lack ambition!”

Today I’ll be encouraging and sharing with all bloggers and also boosting their Mentality and mindset in the blogging industry.


“Act as if what you do makes a difference, it does”.

To make your blogging life really count, you must develop a sense of mission, a sense of purpose, meaning and destiny in your blogging life. Conrad Hilton Said “To accomplish big things, I am convinced you must first dream big dreams”. If you really know what you want out of blogging, it’s amazing how opportunities will come to enable you to carry them out. So develop that sense of direction, that sense of purpose and meaning in your blogging life because if you don’t know where you’re going, you will probably wind up somewhere else.

True Blogging success is a by-product of following the right principles. Richard M DeVoss said, “The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible”. It is my desire through this post to let you see how you can really achieve if only you’ll set your mind to do it.

“You don’t have to be a fantastic hero in blogging–to compete-you can just be an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.

The development of ambition is so important. You see ambition is enthusiasm with purpose. Sometimes you wonder what all these successful bloggers do but let me let you know that successful bloggers are purpose-driven people.

Where do you intend to be when you get to where you are going?

Develop a sense of purpose, a vision for your blogging life.

See vision is the world’s more desperate need. There are no hopeless situations, only people who think hopelessly at any point in time.

Never leave well enough alone if you want your life to count. The leaders and successful bloggers that I have met in life have a sense of purpose. Every one of us deep down wants our life to count for something. Everyone with the idea has at least one or two followers. “ If you really know what you want out of blogging, it’s amazing how opportunities and challenges will come to enable you to carry them out.”

Principles Of Blogging Success

  Let me share with you some key principles that will make a dramatic difference in your blogging life.

  1. Plan Your Blogging Destiny

“The whole secret of a successful blogger is to find out what is one’s blogging destiny to do and then do it”.

You have no doubt heard of the four key points of really achieving in blogging and they are:

  1. Dream
  2. Believe
  3. Create
  4. Succeed

“Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men’s blood, make big plans, aim high in hope and work”.

Start to expect that things are going to happen in your blogging life. You see the atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground for miracles. Start to plan and work on your blogging future and destiny. The old proverbs are true “He who eat the fruits must climb the tree”.

So always plan ahead and don’t be in a comfort zone that the same way its worked for other Successful bloggers, it will also work like that for you, of course not, why? Because spirit is one and gift is different, It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

  1. Hard Work

Is not easy, if it were easy there’d be no Linda Ikeji (AN ENTERTAINMENT/FASHION BLOGGER)

Is not easy, If it were easy there’d be no Prosper Noah (AN SEO SPECIALIST)

Is not easy, if it were easy there’d be no David Chisomeje (AN ENTERTAINMENT BLOGGER/TIPS INSTRUCTOR)

Is not easy, if it were easy there’d be no Mazino Kigho Oyolo (AN ENTERTAINMENT BLOGGER)

 Is not easy, if it were easy there’d be no Is not easy,

Raphael Anthony (Babaskid) (AN ENTERTAINMENT BLOGGER)

Is not easy, if it were easy there’d be no Beloved Desmond (MARRIAGE CONSULTANCY BLOGGER)

Is not easy, if it were easy there’d be no Pretty Mark (A LIFE QUOTE/CONSULTANCY BLOGGER)

Is not easy, if it were easy there’d be no other successful bloggers that are making nothing less than a million every month. So keep striving keep moving, fall down seven times get up eight, without all the challenges and temptation and consistency you can’t make it in the Industry.

No wonder Jan Paderewski, the renowned pianist and the prime minister of Poland in 1919 was once asked if he could perform a recital on short notice. He said in reply “I’m always ready. I have practiced eight hours daily for 40 years”.  The man who asked him, also a pianist said, “I wish I had been born with such determination”. Paderewski answered, “We’re all born with it, I just use mine”.

I always say this to many of my students that “The reason a guy like myself has achieve some success in life is that I’ve worked very, very hard to do so”.

And always in my mind, I always think and dream of “If people know how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all”.

If you really want to develop skills in life, you have to work hard. There’s no traffic jam on that extra mile, so keep at it. What counts is not the number of hours you put in, but how much you put into the hours.

So learn to improve your ways, don’t kill yourself and blog in saying “I AM TIRED, I DON’T HAVE TRAFFIC, I DON’T HAVE MONEY TO INVEST, I CAN’T WRITE, I WANNA GIVE UP”. Always find a way of getting the coolest out of the hottest.


Always keep at it. Nothing really worthwhile in life is achieved easily. You’ve got to develop perseverance. How do you become the person who perseveres and overcomes the odds? Let me give you some key factors:

  • Decide what you’re really committed to.
  • Keep going back to your outline of goals.
  • The third plan is planning.
  • Reward yourself as you accomplish your blogging goals.
  • Keep coming up the fresh new ideas.
  • Re-define, re-evaluate and try again.
  • Refuse to give up except in the face of good common sense.

There is far too much muddy thinking today, If you truly want to be successful, you have to clear the mind of “I am confuse, I am a fan and Linda, pretty, prosper, David’s role model, of course, if truly you’re their true role model then be inspired and don’t think of quitting, because I didn’t mean they had this same thought, you won’t have any role model or be any freaky fan.

Sit in the corner and concentrate on it so that you might solve some case.

Minds certainly are like parachutes. They only function when they are open.


So start working hard at clearing your mind. You can’t help the past, that’s done and haven’t arrived into the future so you must live and work in the present because that is where you have the power to actually accomplish something, and that will keep your blogging life moving and motivated.

In conclusion “ACT NOW”  When problems come in your life, they immobilize you but the best way to escape from a problem is to then and there, try to solve it, because a time will come whereby you’ll have only money to eat and not for data, you’ll have to choose either to go for data or food, and that is where you’ll have to explore your whole mind and act over that particular situation.


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