Social Media Marketing Basics Techniques For Bloggers

Social Media Marketing Basics Techniques For Bloggers

(We comprise generation of social media).

Thou would struggle to find a millennial that isn’t approved to at least a few of the many social media platforms out there. It’s a great way to connect with friends and family but for bloggers, social media plays a more essential role.

If thou really want to engage with your audience, get your writing out there and drive traffic to your blog, getting to anchors with social media marketing is essential.

Here are some few top tips for getting started I pray this will help you:

#TIPS ONE: Get To Know Your Target Audience

This is important when deciding which social media channels to focus most of your time on. You don’t need to sign up for them all! Do your analysis first. You could examine other prosperous bloggers in your niche to see which social networks they engage with. Also remember, there are more options than just  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

#TIPS TWO: Be A Real Person (DON’T BE FAKE)

People want to relate. Be real. Communicate with your followers. Reply to comments and make your posts as original as possible. Share what you want to share, not what you think you should be sharing.

#TIPS THREE: Always Use Your Blog Name Consistently

It’s far easier for readers to reach your social media channels if you registered all of them with the same name. If your main goal is to improve/Promote your blog, use your blog name. You can cross-link your accounts for highest coverage.

#TIPS FOUR: Give Back To Other Bloggers

The blogging community is remarkably supportive. You’ll find others that are happy to share and promote your work on social media but always retain to give a little back! Share other people’s work here, now and then. The more relationships you build, the larger you go.

#TIPS FIVE: Always Be Active

Posting constantly on social media encourages to keep followers engaged and this is also effective for your SEO too. Likewise, you don’t have the time to write a blog post every day, try to post on social media whenever you can.

#TIPS SIX: Promote Your Blog As Much As You Can

The best way to get your writing discovered is to promote yourself! Share links, join groups, send your posts to other bloggers. The golden rule is to promote enough, but not too much. You do not want to be a shell or “spam” people with your content. This is will not give you a good reputation.

#TIPS SEVEN: Always And Don’t Forget To Embrace The Power Of The “Hashtags”

Do not underrate this. Keep your hashtags connected and your posts will be seen by the right people. On Twitter, you can check the more trending hashtags to see what people are currently excited about!


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