Interesting #Tips On How To Become A Blogger

#Interesting #Tips On How To “Become” A “Blogger”

Therefore, how to become a blogger and get paid? Here I am imputing some simple rounds and tips for beginners. Let me start off by saying that anyone can become a blogger.

The blog should have an original concept, preferably unique pattern and quality content. All the foundation will follow.

Here are my step-by-step #tips to support you.


#TIPS 1: Pick Any Niche (subject) And Format Of The Blog You Want

central theme (niche) of your blog is chosen based on your special favorites, interests, expertise and life experience.

The closer you can relate to the chosen topic, the easier it will be for you to blog.

It does not have to be a trending thing: you can make interesting almost any topic, especially the one in which you have professional knowledge and hands-on experience.

Remember the following if you want your blog to bring you money:

  1. The knowledge in action,
  2. Create Quality content,
  3. use proper SEO strategies to be seen on (search engines),
  4. promote it on social media and forum directories
  5. Put time and efforts into it and you will see #results.

Review the most popular blogs on the Internet and try to infer out what is it that bettered its owners to become popular.

You will understand that endurance, patience, perseverance, and ability to work without regard to the temporary result, play an important role in this circumstance.

I want to warn you that not every blog brings money to its creators.

I want to know that, there are millions of abandoned sites midway through, the authors of which were disappointed in the (niche), in readers, in their lives, and did not extract a profit out from their blog.

Habitually, this is the case when these people did not have any foundational knowledge or were not given the right and adequate direction in which they should proceed.

But if they build their websites right, then they will have a profitable online business, which will be generating residual income. (And that’s how you can become financially-free!)

Also, it is one thing to have the knowledge, but you also have to constantly take action.

#TIPS 2: Pick Any Blogging Platform For Your Blog

There are couple main choices accessible hereabouts – you create your own website (free or paid for)  EITHER you use one of the quickly-available platforms: WordPress, Blogger, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter.

The first best option takes a bit more work, but your own site has more potentialities.

Ready-made platforms are good in a sense that you don’t need to create an original design, choose a WordPress theme for your site and start it.

If you choose/want to be a vlogger – then its even easier. You create a channel on YouTube, shoot videos and then upload them to your groove.

#TIPS 3: Give Your Blog a Good and Responsive Design

Designing a blog is expected, only if you admit your own website (and it’s voluntary too).

The main point is to make your website user & mobile-friendly.

You also don’t want to look like everyone else, fancy the way you want to stand out, appearance-wise also

But do not grieve, you can always get back to your website design once you have done the primitive work (that is, content creation and SEO optimization to attract readers).

#TIPS 4: Create & Write a Very High-Quality Content

A Blog without Good Heavy content is like a purse without cash.

An author/blogger necessity give a content. The extra frequently you modernize your blog, the immeasurable.

No-one tells you to write 10 posts an era, but a regular update is a sign of good manners.

(And Google admires such!!!!)

Support feedback, acknowledge comments and questions, make your blog as interactive as possible.

On such a blog, the reader will be inspired, and will not be bored. 

When interacting with readers, you have to completely understand the public.

Any blogger who doesn’t know how to write will quickly get tired.

Don’t be afraid to cut off those who are pressing you down. There are always people who don’t like something.

Don’t try to please everyone and let ’em haters hate because that’s their work, they don’t go far, so they want you to go far.

#TIPS 5: Attract More Visitors And Don’t Forget To Monetize Your Blog

Entertaining content is great, but with the fashionable competition on the Internet, the beginning authors will have challenges in getting his/her posts to rank on the top page of Google, even if he’s super skilled.

Don’t delay to use effective systems of artificial promotion.

Attract visitors from popular forums, guest-blog on other blogs, use paid resources to attract the audience – there is a number of options available.

Monetization of your blog should be gradual. Having affiliate links on a two-day-old website won’t bring you asolicited results.

Give your website at least 6 months.

That is how long it takes Google to trust your website.

Hope you find this helpful, share with others below, and also comment for a follow-up

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