How to Create a Professional WordPress Blog


Today I will be sharing and explaining to you the simple techniques on how to create a WordPress blog.

To my own understanding blogging is where you can easily share to people what they don’t know like am doing now and also build your audience and at the end, your readers will eventually become your thinkable patron and buyer.

Also, blogging is the bottom of the online based business. When you start a well being professional blog, every part of your body will always be open up to many more opportunities in the online world. Basically, all the business on the internet requires you to have a blog of your own that will really explain and tell people more about anything you’re doing. And luckily this is not that costly to have a professional well designed WordPress blog. Just say Praise the Lord!, there are more free WordPress themes and cheap web hosting to get you started and set-up.

You don’t understand what I mean? well is not a new thing, you can create your own blog and manage it to the greater standard that can it can vomit money like a ritual for you. 


On like now, if you wanna start you will have to purchase a new web hosting/domain name for your brand new blog and install WordPress from the Softaculous on your panel and as it is always said and will always be you will need to have a good and original content to publish as to convert your audience.

The first thing to do now is:

Firstly before you even think of starting a professional blog, one thing you need to think of before purchasing anything, research on which particular line you wanna blog on, weather Tech OR OTHERS niche after thinking on all these criteria pray and ask God to help you get a catchy and simple name. when this is done by you, you can look up to the next step to start your professional WordPress blog.  

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Get a cheap fast hosting plan that is suitable for you here on BLUEHOST their plans and support are good for new bloggers.  After purchasing, Install WordPress using Softaculous from your c-panel <totally free>. When once this is done by you or by the customer care, Install any WordPress theme of your choice you can get a free theme at Theme forest or any other sites.

The lastly you’ll start showcasing your talent in publishing unique and original articles of us to millions of people and help life, and then you will need to exercise patience until the blog vomits money for you, and that’s one of the benefits and what will motivate you more.

When all this thriving point is done by you, ye you! then you’re ready to Move on and when your blog mature you can make more from affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Paid advert and sponsored post-E.T.C. and many more.

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Hope this was helpful.



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    • Noble welcome to bloggershub, am glad you find this helpful feel free to use the contact us page and tell us where you have a challenge so we can put hands together and solve it. thank you.

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