Do you know your Domain Name can Murder you?

Do You Know Your Domain Name Can Murder You?

I really do think you might be questioning in what way? Calm Down!, that is the reason why am here for you. Remember to Just relax even though I know the headline of this post has anyhow hastened some adrenaline into the head. Uhmmm!!

if your domain name can murder you, what can you do when choosing a domain name?

 #TIPS 1. Keep Length in thought

How plentiful is that domain name you’re planning to buy? Its length can kill you as well. The length of your domain name should be a major part. The longer your domain name, the more possibility of earning mistakes when typing.
A fault occurring while typing your domain name utterly because you have a long domain name is indeed likely to kill your brand at the end.
Keep domain names as short as possible should be the main primary aim.

#TIPS 2. Make It Simpler/Easier to memorize

If you’re at the centers of having to choose a domain name, always do have in mind that, it has to be something which will be easier and simpler to memorize. Choosing a domain name might sound hard to the ear is not something which ought to be considered.
Domain names are trademarks and good trademarks are names which are easier to remember. The likes of,, etc are indeed branded with great domain names.
In that case, anytime you desire a domain name, make it so easier to identify. Let it something your customers and followers will find it easier to remember.

#TIPS 3. Avoid Hyphenated Names

One thing which you have to avoid is hyphens when registering domain names. It makes out-of-mouth promotion really difficult. Assume telling your someone the name of your site and it happens to be something like There must, of course, be the need to stress more on the hyphen because isn’t the same as

#TIPS 4. Don’t Forget the future of your domain

The common period of months you can register your domain name is for (12 months). In that case, registering a domain for instance because of a trending topic like for the world cup with the world cup keywords featured in the domain name is extremely disastrous. The world cup has a duration of just a month so where lies the future of such domain?  Maybe unless you will be willing to wait for the next 4 years. I guess the future of such domain is dead!!! hmmm!


It is therefore fair to seek your idea on this as well. What do you learn from this post? Do you have any question or something to add? You can also share yours by commenting below.


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